Summer Tears

It is an example of a combination of mosaic with painting which was created after a great vacation on the shore. In the central place on the picture is a young woman, which lays on the beach among the sea shells and a silver tears fell down from her eyes. She has to leave her paradise where she spent her best days because her vacation’s time is gone. It is a really sad to return to every day life, but behind her on the painting is a turquoise color of the ocean, which young woman will keep in her memory forever. The beautiful face for woman was made from central cut natural Melon sea shell. The hair, earrings, accessories of her dress, hands was made from sea shell fragments that was personally collected and painted by the artist. Around the girl we can see a natural pearl Donkey Ears Abalone sea shells. I try to color only originally dull, colorless fragments of the sea shells. This work will bring natural accent of the ocean to your home.


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