Scarlet Sails

This is a romantic work, which is combination of painting with mosaic together. The idea for creation came from famous novel by Aleksander Green “Alye Parusa”. This is the story about a young poor girl which lived on the faraway island and had a sweet dream. She has a dream about one day her life have to change.The handsome captain with scarlet red sails will take her from this lonely island. Her wishes will come true. Once, the new modern ship came to island and the captain saw the beautiful girl.He fell in love and decided to spent last money for turn sails into the red color.

All sea shells, their fragment for this work was collected and selected by the artist on the Atlantic shore, in Brooklyn. In addition, for special accents on the ship was used Turbo Gold Mouth multi cut 3/4″ to 1 3/4″ (7 pieces ) and very tiny pearly Trochus sea shells very used to show the beauty of water splashes.

Sails, made from originally dull, colorless sea shells was painted with acrylic paint to express the general idea. All the work has special cover with satin varnish (artist acrylic) to protect acrylic paint surface and against UV damage.


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