Lady with Fan

This is a romantic inspirational work which was made after summer vacation on a shore. It is a combination of seashell mosaic and
acrylic painting. The original work has 3 dimensional effect. The young woman looks very attractive in her wide summer hat from large sea scallop shell with red flowers made from sea shell fragments. She also has matching red color earrings.
The work is very elegant and stylish. Lady has bright orange fan in her hand which was made from natural Orange Lion Paw 6″ seashell.
This element together with 5 natural Perl Abalone Seashells on her blue dress tell the story.
The beautiful face was made from center cut natural melon seashell. Nose, lips and hair from seashell fragments that was personally collected and painted by me on the Atlantic Shore in Brooklyn. I like to keep the natural color and preserve it for each single shell in my art projects.
I color only originally dull, colorless fragments. I hope you enjoy my work.


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