Evil Spirit or Addiction

“No matter who, no matter why, once one has control, he, she, it, or they will become evil. Power is an evil addiction to which no one is immune” (The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien)
In many cultures there is a character used to describe negative moral acts or thoughts that are selfish, cruel, addictive. Evil is an active force. Statistics show that around 7% of all people playing casino games are gambling addicts who lost control. Addiction affects all of us in many ways, it is a symptom of being human, it is the evil which is inside every person…

Addiction knows no boundaries.
Evil is inherent in my painting of a handsome poker player, poker becomes his addiction. This is not only unusual handcrafted seashell mosaic art, but also an acrylic painting. To express the evil spirit, I chose a large size sea star (13″ inches is size). The background has a bronze fire acrylic color. Seashells around the frame are imitations of flames. The four aces under the painting are the desired cards for any player. In this work I used many pieces of different seashells which I personally collected on the Atlantic shore in Brooklyn. Three dimensional affects bring more realistic and dynamic feelings to my work.


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