This work is the combination of sea shell mosaic and acrylic painting which has three dimensional effect. An emotion is a mental and physiological condition with a different variety of feelings, thoughts, behavior. Emotion is related with mood, temperament and personality. In the 1980 the Robert Plutchik created a wheel of 8 basic emotions: joy, acceptance, fear, surprise, sadness, disgust, anger and anticipation. Robert Plutchik was a psychologist  (died April 29 of 2006 at 78 years old). In creating of this work was used 3 exotic red, blue and green dyed polished 5″ to 6″ Abalone sea shells. Abalone are members of the gastropoda class of mollusks. These are one piece shell. Sometimes they are called the sea ears. Abalone sea shells have an oval shape with a large dome at one end. Abalones cling to rocky surfaces with their muscular foot. The shell has a raw of respiratory spores. The biggest 9″ Abalone  species live in North America. The Abalone shells,which was used in my work was found in the South Pacific, the Shores of New Zealand to the Philippine coast. The Abalone is a highly sought species popular for its beautiful blend of natural colors. In the work, the eyes in the green and the blue faces was used sea shell snails. For eye in a red face I chose a 2 Gold Lip Mother of Pearl Shell Oyster, also for eyes in blue and green faces were used Branded Tulip Shells from Gulf of Mexico.  For express  the happiness, in the red face, was used the natural sea shell beads handcrafted 15 mm*50 mm for hair. Also in 3 faces, I practiced the combination from many sea shell fragments from clams, oysters, Knobbed Whelk shell, conches. Noses in 2 cases for red and blue face, were used American Slipper Limpet  5 cm or 2 Crepidula fornicata and for the green face, the nose was made from sea shell fragment.


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