Seashell wonderland in Japan

The top story — perhaps the only story — right now is Japan. The horrific combination of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown is almost worse than anyone can imagine. Yet through the entire tragedy, there hasn’t been one reported incident of looting or civil unrest. In fact, it’s been just the opposite. The courageous Japanese people are facing this incredible crisis...
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Shell Flowers Collection from Sanibel Shell Show 2011

Shell flowers are a great conversation piece when displayed on your table. They are make a beautiful gift and the person receiving them can appreciate and share your love of the beauty of the shell in the form of something you have presented for them. Seashell flowers can be a centerpiece of you nautical or coastal design. I have made those pictures at Sanibel shell show 2011 – the best...
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The Firebird Ballet

This is a unique seashell mosaic artwork depicting a scene from the famous ballet by Igor Stravinsky “The Firebird”.  The story is based on various Russian fairy-tales, it tells of Prince Ivan who captures a magical Firebird while out hunting. The firebird gives him one of her feathers in exchange for her freedom. Later, Ivan encounters a group of beautiful young women and falls in love...
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