How to make Seashell Wind Chime – Hear the Sound of Nature

Autumn arrives and for many signaled end of summer vacations. No more of warm beach days and return of school, work, cold weather. One way you could keep a little more of the summer is to create something that remind you of a warm days. Seashells are a popular decorative motif, and artwork that utilizes shells is some of the favorite and most original around. Shells have a timeless quality and...
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How to make Halloween decoration from seashells in 6 easy steps

Seashells are wonderful materials that nature has given us. It’s fun to make decorations for any holidays especially for Halloween. I like to share with some my ideas that can help you to create your own holiday ornaments from natural seashells and sea stars. Start now to watch for crafting materials each time you walk down at the seashore. Collect as many varieties seashells as possible when...
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