Venetian Mask

This sea shell mosaic was created after my personal experience in Italy. I tried to express all my memories and created a really unique Venetian Mask.
For many centuries, masks have been a part of Venetian culture and history. From the beginnings of the Venetian Republic to Carnival (known as Mardi Gras parade), to theater and art, Venetian masks have played a mystical, enchanting part in  Italian history.
I like to choose from unique pieces of wood known as Acacia,native to the Philippine islands for bases of my works. The mask was made from Abalone, gold dyed polished 5″ sea shell from  Gastropod class.  It means a mollusk has a head bearing tentacles and eyes, with foot and a one-piece shell. The Abalone is sometimes called a donkey ear shell. The Abalone not only has an inner shell that is pearly but its outer shell when polished become pearlized. Abalone are found worldwide. The gold Abalone is native to the Indo – Pacific area. They like to attach to rocks or coral in offshore waters. The flesh is often eaten by island natives. On the top of the gold abalone dyed I put 2 pieces natural color Abalone’s fragments for eyes. Also for mask decoration was used Pearl Umbonium sea shells and special black color 3D acrylic paint. Around the gold dyed polished sea shell locates many Abalone natural sea shell fragments and two species of 3″ Abalone red sea shells. All of the Venetian masks are handcrafted and no two of them are ever identical.


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