This is an example for the bright and a very  realistic seashell painting-mosaic. The 3D effect which creates with the natural sea shells helps to understand endless possibilities for the expression the natural beauty of life. The work was made after a week which was spend  in the Puerto  Rico. Natural sea shells bring a visual effect of sculpting. The birds look real on the an exotic green branches.

Toucans are brightly marked and have large colourful bills, which help to squash many fruits and berries. The family includes about forty different species. The  Toucan bird has been flying around the Central  and South America rain forests, Caribbean Region and Mexico. He is a very nosy member of the jungle society and live in a small communities. The curious fact is the bird sleep like the woodpecker inside the holes in the tree trunks. It bends double, the beak is twisted round and rests on the back, its tail is folded up to its breast, its wings wrap round the rest of its body-and voila!!!  In this work to make the Toucans was used a big amount  Clam sea shell’s fragments which had a different variety of shapes, but originally colourless. For branches the best choice were Raisor sea shells with addition brown colour an acrylic paint. To show effect  from green rain forest was used Clam sea shell’s fragments, Genuine Sunray Venus sea shells for leaves, and Scallop shell pieces. The work is framed and ready yo hang.

SeashellArt Toucan


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