The Firebird Ballet

This is a unique seashell mosaic artwork depicting a scene from the famous ballet by Igor Stravinsky “The Firebird”.  The story is based on various Russian fairy-tales, it tells of Prince Ivan who captures a magical Firebird while out hunting. The firebird gives him one of her feathers in exchange for her freedom. Later, Ivan encounters a group of beautiful young women and falls in love with their leader, the Tsarevna, but he is then surrounded by monsters, slaves of the evil Kostchei who holds the women captive. He calls the Firebird with her feather, and she kills Kostchei, freeing the Tsarevna to marry Ivan. In this work you can see Prince Ivan thank the Firebird. The base of the artwork is made on natural bamboo plate, carefully polished and covered with lacquer. The ballerina and her partner are made from rare and exotic seashells from all around the world. This seashell mosaic was artistically assembled to show ballet dancers in one of the main scenes of the ballet. This work could be either hung on a wall or displayed on easel. This is one of the most popular contemporary pieces.



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