Rembrant Tulips

Dimensions: 15.5 x 16 or 39 cm x 40 cm
This work was inspired by visiting New York Botanical Garden. This is an original acrylic painting – sea shell mosaic on the wood panel. I used a special texture and an unusual shape from the natural oyster shells for the beautiful petals. Also in the painting were used the tiny sea shells and well prepare fish bones to demonstrate the open flower. The combination an acrylic painting with 3D effect mosaic bring the feeling a real flowers which you would like to smell.

The work has a modern gallery look and don’t need framing. It float on the wall. Ready to hang.

Those tulips are named for the famous Dutch painter Rembrandt (1606 – 1669) who lived and worked in Holland at about the same time that tulips first became enormously popular. But Rembrandt himself is not known for painting flowers, just many other Dutch Masters of the time did include tulips in their paintings.

During this time, tulips became all the rage in Holland, especially the ones with streaks and stripes of color. It was Tulipmania that occurred between 1593 and 1637. We now know that these unusual color were actually caused by a virus which caused damage to the tulip bulbs. Because of this, the original Rembrandt Tulips are no longer sold commercially, but virus-free , “Rembrandt look- alike tulips available.


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