Miss Africa

This seashell art was made form natural colored, different seashells and unique piece of wood known as Acacia, native to Philippine Islands. Each piece of wood was carefully sculpted by expert carvers. It is a tradition that celebrates the bonds between art and nature. The work is named “The Miss Africa” because the shape of the wood resembles the shape of Africa. An exotic beauty looks very attractive and fresh on wood base.
In this artwork I used several kinds of seashells:
The Pen shell polished 7″ for face
The Nassaus seashells Mini Black Brown Stripe Beads which had size approximately 1/4 – 1/2 inches long, it originally comes from South Asia. I used them to make hair for Ms. Africa. Eyes was made from three kind of shells but the color of eye made from blue-green Limpet seashell named sometimes sailors valentines.
The head accessory like exotic hat was made from Lime Lime 3″ seashells pair, Giant Cockle pairs seashells from 3 to 4 inches in size and Red Stripe Trochus shell – 1/4 inches. Earrings, necklace and hat accents with lips and eyebrows was made from abalone seashell pieces of orange color and polished.
This work has a 3D effect and visually float on the wall.



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