It is an example for the romantic sea shell mosaic. Bunny is a cute character which ready to be a good friend for a special person. The work bring back memory of childhood.
“Here is a bunny
with ears so funny
And here is a hole in the ground
When a noise he hears,
he pricks up his ears
And jumps in the hole in the ground”.
Put your right  foot forward
Put your left foot out
Do the Bunny Hop
Let’s all join in the fun
Do the Bunny Hop
The base for this delicate creation is an unique piece of wood known as Acacia,
native to the Philippine Islands. Each piece of wood was professionally sculpted and had its own unusual shape. The combination of the natural sea shells with exotic wood is the bond between art and nature.
The work was made from the multi cut Tiger Cowrie 2″-3″ sea shell and decorate with one Strawberry sea shell piece for rabbit’s mouth and 24 Nassa Phyrus sea shells,1/4-1/2″ in size.For mosaic were used the gorgeous natural sea shells in cream beige,and rich toffee brown color.


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