Besame Mucho or love me more

   The song with the same name became a great inspiration for the unique collage. On the central place in the work is the NY night’s street musician which play on sax alone for strangers and for money. The magic sound of his music you can feel in the air. Whole work was made only from natural sea shells and their fragments. An important part in the collage is an old kid’s metal sax, which is 12 inches long. The sax has a special label with words “Q * R * S Toy sax De Vry Corp”.
The back for this collage has a special modern an acrylic painting.

Beautiful romantic song:

   The head of the musician was made from Abalone sea shell black color polished. The hat is the large sea Philippines Pencil Urchin. The small sea shell on the hat is Placamen flinderci, creamy-white with concentric lamellae. Common in the East and South Australia. The eyes and lips are sea shell conches , the nose is blue Mussel sea shell. The costume for musician was made from whole and multi cut Tiger Cowrie sea shells 1 1/2″ to 3″ in size and decorated with cowrie shell Onyx 1″ (3 pieces) on the sleeve of his suit.

Tiger Cowrie sea shell has the scientific name Cypraea tigris Linnaeus, Family is Cypraeidae.It is a large heavy shell with the flat or concave base. The teeth on outer lip are broad and short, the opposite teeth are thin and longer. The color pattern has numerous spots and blobs. The upper layer is reddish to dark brown. Mollusk creates a single shell-gastropod. Common in the Indo- pacific region. Hidden in the coral reefs during the day and out feeding at night primarily on Algae.
Onyx Cowries prefer rocky sea floors or areas near coral reefs. Most abundant from East African coast to Southern Japan and South to Northern shores of Australian and New Zealand. These are commonly found throughout the Indo-Pacific region.

Hand for musician were made from Noble Scallop shells. Valves almost equal, radial ribs rounded. The shape of the shell imitate the shape of the hand with the fingers. this shells usually find in the West Pacific region (Japan). Even melody which was written with a natural sea shells belong to the original song. All the notes was made from the tiny bean clams. Generally small and wedge-shaped,these creatures live in large numbers on warm-water beaches. They are often used as food, especially in soups. The bar lines for music was painted with a special gold an acrylic paint.

The work has matching frame and ready to hang. It is a really unique and an original work.
Size of work 19.5″ x 19.5″

Besame Muco


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