Those are very informative and interesting websites I recommend to follow. All of them related to seashells, seashell art, beach decor, seashell collection.
I broke them down by categories : blogs, artists, organizations, shopping.


    Daily articles relating to Shopping, Coastal Decor, Interior Design, Beach Crafts and those to assist you in bringing the relaxing feel of the beach to your life.

  • If you love shelling you should check this blog by Pam Rumbo from Sanibel, Fl.


  • Sailor Valentines

  • Bill Jordan has been fascinated with the extraordinary nature and beauty of the replication of Shell Art and octagonal wooden display cases so often used in preserving the history of the wonders of Sailors’ Valentines.

  • Author, artist, coastal living designer and entrepreneur Claire Murray.

  • Amazing sailors valentines by David Rhyne. David started designing Sailor’s Valentines in 2001 and won numerous awards at prestigious art shows.
  • Using shells sourced throughout the world, Heather and her team create custom designs including; shell chandeliers, shell mirrors, decorative items, and interior shell work. Heather Kendall has been designing with seashells for seven years.