Whale tooth vase and seashell flowers

During my personal exhibition, two months ago, I recieved as a gift a whale tooth. The giver liked my seashell art and participated in all my presentations regularly. I never had so unusual present before and I was surprised. I put it in my storage place and almost forgot about it.
After a little while, I met my gift’s giver again. We talk about my new mosaics and future plans. This woman reminded me about tooth and asked to make something special from it for her with seashells. She didn’t like to wait a long time and would like to receive it before Christmas. It was November already! Time was flew away fast, but I didn’t have any idea yet. I knew many other art works with whale tooth, but it were painting or carving on these interesting natural material.

The tooth had a very unusual shape and was heavy enough so jewelry or mosaic were not options. At the same time I had a wish to preserve the tooth’s specific texture and color. I never had any experience to work with it before and decided that I could try to make some figurine. The idea came unexpectedly. During my regularly shell sorting, I decided to use my whale tooth like as a part in a whimsical and unique shape vase with shell flowers. The result brought a great success and unusual seashell-whale tooth creation was made three weeks before Christmas and was sold at ones to the tooth gift giver!


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