Valentines Day 2011 or Be my Valentine

Every year February 14 is celebrated as Saint Valentines Day all across the world. This day is most awaited day of the year for all people. There is a holiday on this day so that all lovers can enjoy and express there feelings to on whom they love. We treat month of February as the Month of Romance. Loved ones celebrate by presenting flowers, gifts, offering candies, sending cards and love messages also much more all in the name of Saint Valentine, the patron of lovers. Valentines signs and symbols generally have on outline of a heart and containing picture of Cupid with wings.
For this special celebration and also for 74 Annual Sanibel Seashell Show I’m happy to introduce my several new works in different artistic professional nominations. This year will be my third time participation in the highly competitive Sanibell Shell Show, which takes place in Florida.

The first one my seashell romantic mosaic “Be My Valentine”. This work is acrylic painting and mosaic which make from natural color tiny and exotic seashells and natural stones.
Seashell Valentine mosaic

My second work with name “Forever 16” has size just 3” in height and 3” width. This a classic rose bouquet which has a real antique and tiny frame. Roses are made from peaces of corals, vase created from a natural Murex sea shell.

Seashell Roses

For third work I would like to create a contest for the name. Please send me your ideas to my facebook page. Winner will receive a high quality art print of the figurine, size 10 x 8 with my signature.
This is a humorous character, funky and fancy.
seashell old woman figurine

seashell old lady
Work was made from clay and after that decorated with natural an exotic seashells. Hat was created from many different seashell fragments and shells. Each eye has very complicated combination from three different shells. On lady’s back on her dress I made sign from tiny red shells with words ”Sanibel Seshell Show 2011”


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