Unique miniature seashell mosaics, magnets , nautical gifts handcrafted in USA

The miniature seashell mosaics, figurines and magnets are my new nautical products.

I like to make something new, hand made, unique looking and affordable for many of my fans, followers and friends.

All of my new miniature seashell mosaics can be magnets and also can be displayed with the tiny easels on the shell or inside the frame on the wall…

They are hand crafted by me in a totally eco-friendly process in the great city of New York.

The seashells and their amazing fragments used in my original creations are very often personally collected, selected by me and mounted to a sturdy base covered with sea glass fragments, tiny decorated pebbles, pieces of driftwood, Pearls and sometimes with a decorated beach sand.

I like to use my own painting in addition to express some ideas. My miniatures are hand painted with safe, non-toxic, water based paint and can be decorated with metal and plastic detailing.

These magnets come ready to place on your refrigerator or on any metal object for you to always see and enjoy.

All my miniatures or magnets are fun gift idea for a child’s bedroom or study room with a magnet memory board.

They are approximately 4″ in height and approximately 5″ wide and can be great gifts for Weddings, Anniversaries, Going-Away gifts, Valentines gifts and All-Occasions .

The shells I’m using in this miniatures are beautiful and very different from all over the world. Many of the shells are found across the NY beaches area: Plum beach, Farakaway beach, Manhatten Beach, also from my Caribbean vacations and internet.

If you have any questions about any of my items, would like to order in a set or would like a special one made for you, please email me and I will do whatever I can to get you what you want.


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