Unique gift for Father’s Day made from clear crystal and seashells

Unusual artistic expression for all seashell lovers. This is a special technique to make collage on the seashell and transfer it on the crystal’s surface. This small and sparkle treasure can be eyе- catching and portable present for father’s desk in a special day of the year.
We have so many high technology gift for any occasions in our home but forget about natural objects which can bring positive energy in our every day busy life.
Combination of seashell with a crystal fantasy is another chance to make a journey to the shore without changing your position on the chair and in front your favorite computer. It is lovely, inexpensive and clever choice to show your attention to your father.

The natural crystal can have a huge variety of shapes and sizes. But in this version only, you will receive the maximum aesthetic effect for the more than reasonable price. If you have your own fantasy, you can to send for me your own image. I can to convert it into crystal for you.The most important rule that your image have to be a good digital quality.
In our life, we have many important events, which possible to turn into a sparkle and memorable objects which can be admire many years. Bring something special in your own life.
All crystal measured 2.5″ x 3 1/4″


Available from my art store


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  1. All 4 crystals were sold for the last weeks before the Father’s Day. I wish for all my customers to be healthy and successful people.

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