Unforgettable success in Wetland Institute or New Jersey Cape Seashell show 2011

The 2011 Jersey Cape Shell Show was yet another great success in long string of successes dated 37 years back.
The artistic exhibit always-top notch, were even better than usually before. The truly amazing collection of Sailor Valentines becomes something of a new kind seashell art works. During all their historical development Sailor Valentines have changed from classic octagonal delicate mosaic to modern looking art works. Exhibitors were coming from Massachusetts, NY, and many other places and even from Poland.
Also the scope of non- valentine art works has became something to behold as well, what is becoming an amazing art gallery all based in shell work, the creativity of which seems to know no bounds. From miniature works filled with intricate designs of shells the size of sand grains, to beautiful bouquet with flowers, statues, figurines, mosaics.
The scientific side of the show was featuring outstanding exhibits of shell families, shells from different localities, fossil shells, rare shells, freak shells and educational exhibits of many kinds



  1. wow! that is beautiful shells.

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