Turn your beach house into Christmas Coastal Castle

The “Year of the Metal Rabbit”, fourth in the zodiac cycle according to Chinese Astrology Horoscope, will be celebrated on February 3, 2011.
Every holiday season brings new colors, new decorations and patterns change.
Traditional Christmas decoration are in fashion forever. A natural style and the use of natural materials like bleached wood ornaments, seashells decorations and holiday lights to use from year to year. Also people may combine the new purchases with old and cherished pieces.
Decoration trend for 2011 is blue and brown colors. But red, silver, gray, white, vibrant green, orange, lemon and gold are also extremely popular.
Traditional or modern, precious or rustic, any your decision about style is perfect for Holiday Season.
You don’t need to buy expensive stuff, try to bring in your home something special, unique or make something yourself using your creativity. Get inspiration from each picture below and make your holiday decoration with some personal touch. Here are some ideas for you. It is a chance to go nontraditional way.

metal Christmas tree

christmas tree from pine cone

Instead of the green tree you can decorate silver color metal Christmas tree with a shiny abalone seashell chips or choose a brown pine cone and turn it into Christmas tree with seashell decorations.

Among the new items for green tree decorations in this year you can to chose the blue color snowflake frames with a natural pearl seashells on them. The most important idea is to collect the items which were hand made, original and unique.

The acrylic painting and oyster seashell mosaic with Poinsettia’s flowers will look great on your fireplace sill. These flowers which symbolize Christmas have popular gold, red, and green combination of the colors to celebrate 2011.
Christmas poinsettia flowers
The biggest interest received a collection of Christmas crosses which were made from natural seashells and stones on the wood stained bases. Many warm words and compliments had Christmas Bonsai Tree with red died gar scales for poinsettia flowers.christmas Bonsai tree
Feel free to experiment and express yourself in you own way. Holiday season is all about happiness and serenity, so go ahead and create your own happy place!
When Holiday Season is coming we always think about how we will decorate our home to be joyful and have a new look. No matter where you live in or what you believe in, December tends to bring with it a certain joy of the holiday season for all of us!



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