The unforgettable exhibition – Art has many faces

For the last 10 years, the Jewish Art and Craft Guild, which locates in Brooklyn, NY, organized and introduced many interesting and a very high quality art exhibitions in a different and a very prestigious galleries in our city. Many talented artists, craft masters and photographers bring a unique opportunity for community to meet and to know the different kinds of art in a personal connections with authors.
In October,15, 2011, reception for a new art exhibition “Art has many faces” took its place at Kings Bay Branch of Brooklyn Public Library on 3650 Nostrand Ave. The most interesting fact about this event was opportunity for all guests to meet with four a very talented, different and unusual artists the same day:
Freda Voroshilovskaya is an artist who creates her unbelievable abstract art works from leather;
Inna Budovskaya is an artist, which demonstrate her oil, acrylic and silk paintings in a very individual and unique way.
Alla Baksanskaya is a seashell artist, which show her new mixed media acrylic paintings and seashell mosaics. She is awarded winning artist and participant in a many Art shows.
Leonid Grinberg is a master who introduced his Stained Glass art techniques. His colorful decors, panels from glass with a special lights brought a magic atmosphere in this event.
The name of the exhibition is “Art has many faces”, which reflects that no boundaries or any limitations for express individual artistic vision. Each artist has his own technique, his own way, his own face to talk, to communicate with audience.
It is a very difficult to imagine that all four talented artists had absolutely another professional careers in their personal life. The great wish to express yourself in artistic way became from a hobby. Utilizing their extensive skills, persistence and work to help gained mastery over the unique for each artist media. Do not afraid to be yourself, try to reach your goal and never give up! Keep your believing, that one day your dream come true! This event brought a lot of positive emotions not only for artists, but also for guests.
The opening event had a great success. The hospitality from Public Library and overcrowded exhibitor’s pavilion made this day a really unforgettable for all participants and guests. Many people demonstrated big interests, asked a questions and leaved many positive comments for each participants.


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