The lighting of the Olympic and Paralympic flame in seashell art…

Idea to make my new mixed media acrylic painting and seashell mosaic “The lighting of the Olympic flame” came during marvelous opening of XXII Olympic Winter Games and later XI th Paralympic ceremonies in Sochi. I also received invitation to participate in the Draftsmen’s Congress project at the New Museum, NY.  I was excited with those amazing events and got my inspiration from the tremendous achievements of the sportsmen in the different kind of sports and participants from many different countries, especially from Russia and USA. My idea to paint something special for the New Museum’s project appeared the same time…

I understood that I wouldn’t have enough time in the Museum to realize my idea so I decided to begin my preparation for the art work at home.

I began to paint The Statue of Liberty in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Grand Opening Ceremony uniform with Olympic Flame in her hand.


I arranged My Statue of Liberty on the USA map made from Blue Mother of Pearl. Blue shell colors imitated and reflected the snow on the winter Olympics.

I painted all  of the 22 different kinds of the winter sports on the each of the inner surfaces of the 22 shells and decorated each of them with blue dyed sand miniature mosaic.

I made my acrylic painting and shell-stone mosaic on the paper towel base for the more comfortable process of gluing my project on the Museum’s exhibiting spot.

When I came to the Museum’s 4th floor on February 21, 2014 I was surprised with reality. All the space from the floor to the walls was covered with very colorful sophisticated drawings, one drawing covered those previously made…Many people of different ages and experience made their drawings all around. Nobody tried to make a masterpiece, but all of them had a fun time together! I tried to find some spot for my work, but finally decided just draw picture for the memory on the wall, make photos but not leave my art there…I didn’t like that it could be disappear under many layers of paint from the other participants…I had a wish to save my mosaic as a memory after an amazing Olympic games!

Russia topped the medal table on the Olympic games in Sochi 2014 with 33 medals, the U.S. finished with 28 medals in second, and Norway was third with 26.

The uplifting and colorful ceremony brought down the curtain on the XIth Paralympic Winter Games in March 16. Nine days of competition which featured 547 disabled athletes from 45 countries ended as the Paralympic flame was extinguished on its tower in Sochi’s Olympic Park. The Sochi Games featured 72 medal events in five sports, the highest number for any Winter Paralympics to date.

I was finished my mosaic and put it in the white frame under the glass cover.

It is my vision and my personal contribution to the preserving the memory about two unforgettable events.

Mosaic has necessary depth and visual 3D effect.

Now this mosaic is exhibiting on the ”SPRING VERNISSAGE”, in the Library on  3650 Nostrand Av., from March 6 – 28, 2014 with date of Opening reception on

March 22 from 11AM -1 PM.



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