Sparkling nautical Christmas

Sparkling nautical Christmas can be unforgettable with a personal touch and the addition of new original art to your home decor. Whether they’re placed on a shelf, easel or hanging on the wall, seashell and crystal decorations add the perfect finishing touch to your holiday home decor!

It is wonderful to see the resurgence and appreciation of seashell vintage art form inspired by the aesthetic beauty of shells, gifts from the sea for us all.

I started to make the new line of my seashell creations with the addition of  Swarovski crystals and vintage Pearl buttons out of passion for all things seashell art. I truly enjoy working with my customers to create unique pieces, and the satisfaction that comes from exceeding their expectations.

I work incredibly hard to make sure that my art works can stay better and more interesting especially in the Holiday season.
This is my new stunning collection with unique pieces that need to be seen in person to fully grasp the beauty and subtle nuances of each one-of-a-kind piece. Every piece is created with love, made to last, and is sure to become a family heirloom passed down for generations.

I have a passion for art, and that passion goes deeper than a finished product.

I love it all, starting from the moment an idea pops in my head, long creating period to moment I am putting the shipping label on the box to send it to its new home!

I wish you all the Best Holiday season!



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