Soul excellent gusts…

Soul excellent gusts…
These beautiful lines belong to the great poet Alexander Pushkin. The same words were used in the name for the new art exhibition which were opened on Sunday, November 27, 2011 at Library Kings Highway Gallery, at 2115 Ocean Ave, from 2-4 P.M. At the first glance it was a traditional presentation organized by the Guild of Jewish artists, but the unusual and unexpected impressions started from the beginning…
Alla Baksanskaya and Oleg Georgievskiy provided their new, amazing and diverse art works to all guests. In the life as in the art is rarely possible the same understanding and agreement of taste and interests, as well as the same ways of expression of a completely different creative people. Both exhibitors are working with natural materials in a modern style. Their creative views coincide even on the subjects. According to the authors, next on the wall side by side located two charming hells, one is masterfully carved from wood and belonged to Oleg, and another is the gambling-tempter, made from the shells and starfish by Alla.
This is not the only one coincidence in the hall. There are also two of Bacchus, two visions of the god of wine and fertility. One of them was a wood carving work created by Oleg and another made from the ocean seashells on the bamboo plate by Alla.There is a great and extraordinary impact on the both of the artists by Salvador Dali. Oleg had the unique graphic work and Alla made a melting wall clock with the seashell and pearl micro mosaic.
Oleg Georgievskiy is a gifted poet, writer, graphic designer and sculptor, who spent 20 years of his life in aviation. The talents of the sculptor and woodcarver , Oleg inherited from his father.
The tense and stressful daily work caused a need for another self-expression, the possibility of stress management through the arts.
If a person is talented, he is talented usually in everything… Each work from the Oleg’s collection is a real masterpiece and has many details, the graphic works have a huge sense of humor. Audience met with a loud applause the poems which Oleg read during the event.
Alla Baksanskaya worked as pediatric doctor. She liked to draw, write poems, epigrams, played piano. The main purpose of her work is the creation of unique works from natural materials especially seashells that produce positive emotions in our lives with full of stress. She believes that using shells in art works can be modern and fashionably looking, also bring new ideas in our interior design.
At the exhibition, she demonstrated a very different decoration art works.
The amazing collection of wall clocks with the mosaics made from a tiny ocean shells and Mother of Pearl, unusual and abstract metal vase with seashell decoration and sunflowers with seashell mosaics.
Alla surprised all guests with a snow-white Christmas tree with toys which made or decorated with the shells. It can be absolutely a new nautical suggestion for celebration Year 2012.
Audience with a great interest took a careful sight on the new mixed media seashell mosaics: “Fish”, “Mermaid”, “Spanish dancer”. Some of the works have a funny rhymes. For example, work “Fish”
“You can eat or will be eaten…
If you’re goldfish or a kitten…”
or another work “Life is Dance…”
“Life is dance,
So do your best…
It’s a chance,
Forget the rest!”
Alla likes to experiment with her art works and brought the miniature works: Christmas Banzai Tree, Funny Christmas tree from the pine cone and tiny seashell decorations, Seashell Greeting Christmas cards and many other unique things….She tell the guests about a very interesting personal experience with the workshops which she had with the kids in the library and about articles which she wrote in the Parent’s magazine during the year. Also Alla helped organize a special kid’s exhibition and write an article about this event in the newspaper. The presentation came in a special and warm atmosphere. The honorary member of the Jewish Guild Isaak Vainshilboum, summarizing and concluding the event said:”I am surprised with imagination and talent. It is a very rare, harmonious and unique show!Nothing falls out of a slim number of perceptions…”
The exhibition can be seen until December 17, 2011. The best opportunity to form your opinion is to visit the showroom personally.


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