September 11, 2001 tragedy in Seashell Art

I remember the date of tragedy of September, 11, 2001 so clear like it happened yesterday. My older son was in fifth grade student and my younger one was in kindergarten. In this morning my family had a regular and busy schedule like any other day of the week. The weather was calm, warm, peaceful and nobody can predict how terribly our life will change in several hours later… My husband worked in Manhattan, in a very close distance from the place of the tragedy and several hours I couldn’t receive any information about him. He couldn’t call me and it was a great happiness to see him in the evening. He came to our home in Brooklyn by the walk through the Brooklyn Bridge.
My family came to NY in 1994 and I believed that this is the powerful and peaceful place where can grow up my kids, but terrorism has no boundaries. Life on our planet depends from everyone and all people together have to save our fragile world.
I am mother of two kids, doctor and artist to express my feelings in two art works, which were created after the tragedy.
1. Forever in our hearts
mixed media, acrylic painting, collage, seashell mosaic. 41” x 29”.

This work is a-hymn of a life, to indestructible courage and stability. It is created in memory of 10 years anniversary of September,11, 2001 tragedy.
Work is created as a combination of acrylic painting collage – cut out designs of Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge and a mosaic with use of natural color of ocean shells. The idea and implementation took long months of realization of a plan. Work creates three measured sensation. For me as for the person and the artist, view of Manhattan is not changed. As I have seen it in 1994 when for the first time I have arrived in New York, as I see it today. It refers to as memory of heart.
All Manhattan in a picture is laid out using natural pink by the beige nacre emphasizing its greatness and fragility, beauty and vulnerability in the face of sudden terror. Great city which, the capital of the world, sung by Frank Sinatra, city that never sleeps, high-speed eternally shone road through the Brooklyn Bridge, mixture of depths of sparkling water and heights of the bottomless sky. The evening panorama rolls in fires. The sky in a picture is executed from splinters of the shells collected on beaches of New York. They symbolize human lives innocently lost. People are alive while memory of them is alive. Water as a symbol of a life, as reflection of constant movement…

2. We remember
mixed media acrylic painting, collage, seashell mosaic, 24” х 20”

This work has been made in 2007, by sixth anniversary from the date of tragedy on September, 11, 2001.
Work is carried out as a combination of painting, a collage and a mosaic from natural shells. On a background of a flag of America, created from splinters of shells and in the center of a composition are twin towers. They are not destroyed in our mind, and such have remained in our memory, in our hearts. For the image of twin towers the natural nacre has been used, and America is laid out from uncountable quantity of the smallest shells of the yellow color personifying human unity in the face of tragedy.
This year, before 10th anniversary of the tragedy, the flag of America was sewed in Washington from separate parts, showing our unit. In my interpretation the flag is made from splinters of shells, thinking about the broken hearts, the hopes, the lost lives.
Work creates three dimensional look and depth, gives faith in impossibility of recurrence of tragedy. This work is reflection of memory.



  1. M S Dinakar

    Poignantly imaginative, Alla! Maybe your creations will one day be/become part of the permanent memorial exhibits for the Twin Towers and its innocent victims in US. Great thinking and creativity! :-)

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