Seashells and corals as interior decor elements

Shells, coral and all kinds of stones in the interior of the room – a reminder of carefree summer, unusual adventures – we probably love those cute trinkets precisely for that. But do not forget that these things can dramatically change the feeling and look of the room, giving it the marine decor – with its expressive, distinctive style. If you room decorated in nautical, or in any other style, those things are quite necessary. And what if you room decorated in noble classical style or even avant-garde? Then it is not a sin to “dilute” the decor with interesting things – but to the best of taste, not to overdo it.
Seashell collection

Well, a room of teenage boys can be nice to update using the “ship” or “pirate” decor. The shells, ornaments of “precious” stones and pearls, thick ropes for curtains, pillows with marine motifs … It will be interesting to play in the room with an exhibition of rare “finds” – seashells on the shelves. But please, don’t do it in a room for small children. Traditionally the shells are decorated with mirrors and pictures frames. But they also can be used to revive an old furniture by attaching the gifts of the sea to external surface of the furniture. For sea look the furniture piece can be pre-painted in white or blue. Try the “scatter” shells on curtains – then it will remind a fishing net.

Marine accessories look good if they placed into a transparent object, like vase or put into dishes and baskets. You can make an original vase: put seashells, pebbles and sea stars and colored glass in tall glass and fill with water. This romantic decoration can be very useful as well If there is lack of humidity in the room (eg in winter).
Seashell accessories
Let your own taste to tell you in which corner of the room, surrounded by which items those interesting souvenirs will look organic and not alien. For example, on the mantelpiece you can place all kinds of “rarity” – seashells, stones, items that have some stories behind them.
Seashell and marine decor
seashells on fireplace

Kitchen wall in country style could be complemented by a panel of shells. Not bad may look stones – from simple granite to colorful stones – in saucers and trays for flower pots, especially with exotic plants.

Big room with shells
sheashell decorated fire place


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