Seashell mosaic is three things in one: unique gift, original painting and source of positive energy

Seashell mosaic is an unique gift for somebody special in your life or may be for yourself.
This present can include original painting, which is a very often can be first step in creating mosaic.
Also nautical art work with shells becomes a special focal point with a huge amount a positive energy in your home. Seashells, corals, sea stars, pieces of the driftwood, tiny pebbles, fossils – all are natural materials from the shore which bring energy from the ocean and additional energy from the artist which can make whimsical and breathtaking arrangements from them. Seashell mosaic is the most important and strong love message which is possible to send to audience.
Seashell mosaic tiles are eye-catching, colorful, natural and whimsical treasure from the ocean which bring endless hours of fun and show creativity in interior design for home owner.

“Looking for yourself” is seashell mosaic which were made from blue mussel and litorinas seashells. These shells have a very unusual colors, texture and ability to realize many different designs in mosaic.

“Beautifly” is another example for combination of the painting, fantasy and natural colored seashell arrangement made on the cork. In this mosaic were used 4 central cut from the biggest in size, pink Bahama Queen conch shells for the beautiful butterfly wings. Also I used many another naturally bright colored shells and even sea urchin legs for express amazing fantasy world from my dreams.
“Coastal dream” is seashell mosaic made on the wood. It is night butterfly’s fly. The complicated combination from different shells show amazing movement a butterfly’s wings in the air…
“Before and after wedding…” It is a very unusual two different miniature mixed media seashell mosaics and acrylic painting. This art work made almost from gar scales and also from tiny baby clam shells, blue mussel shells, Mother of Pearl.

Great gift for wedding or anniversary, unusual reminder about fragile nature of the our feelings. In my mosaics I tried to show a big difference in our relationship in both period in our life or before and after marriage…
Before the marriage any couple usually can simple to keep romantic relationship or invisible wings after their shoulders and keep the hands together.
All married couples have arguments, or rather fights. If the two of you are not extremely angry, try to hold hands while talking during your fight and never bring negative impression in your life…



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