Seashell art workshop in the Brooklyn Public Library

On Saturday, October 29 at Kings Bay Branch Public Library,( 3650 Nostrand Avenue), in the meeting room our guild provided free Seashell Art Workshop for 8-11 years old children.
The Jewish Folk Crafts Guild with the Kings Hwy Branch of Brooklyn Public Library organized the series of the experimental free educational workshops. The goal of the workshops is to introduce, popularize and develop the applied creativity for kids.
Each kid, who participated in this workshop had a chance to make by its own “Halloween Picture Frame decorated with seashells” and took it home as a souvenir.
The workshop had a great success and nobody was afraid of a snow storm in October that happens to be that day. Kids with their parents and workers from the library were happy to participate in this new and very useful event and demonstrated great interest.
Artist Alla Baksanskaya wrote in workshop’s advertisement about age of the participants from 8 to 12 years old. But she was surprised because the best and fastest young artist was 3 years old and even adult parents and teenagers were happy to participated. All 10 kids, teenagers and adults worked very friendly and cooperative with each other. After the workshop was finished the guests, participants and their parents enjoyed seashell art exhibition on the wall. They had many questions about those unique and natural material and unusual art. Also they never saw so many and different kind of art made from leather, glass, painting at the same place together in public library.
It was a very interesting and exiting experience for all. Some kids leave a very emotional comments and testimonials after:
“ I love it. I can’t wait to do it again. There should be much more workshops in other libraries. It was so much fun. I love every other piece of art work on the wall. Every single thing was shells. I love this library…”
Victoria C
This activity presented me with a fun, nice way to get out of bad weather and do something fun. I give it 10 out of 10! Thanks.
Bradley C

Special thanks for cooperation and hospitality for each library workers which help to organized this event in this cold and not pleasant day.



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