Seashell art in high end fashion

I really believe that art is an expression of ideas and emotions, a filling for line and form, color, light and shade and of course texture . Each person expresses himself in a different way, even though influenced by the work of others. I liked to use the natural beauty of the sea shells in the different personal projects. Seashells are very attractive objects and very helpful material for interior decoration.

You probably saw a lot of seashell decorated mirrors, boxes, frames. What I found unusual was how talented fashion designers use seashell element in their creations.

Seashell Wedding Dresses.

I was impressed when I saw a new collection that were introduced by Ellen Rixford Studio. These talented group of the fashion designers showed the series of bridal gowns which have innovative and unbelievable elegant style.

Seashell bridal display

Hair was made from hundreds of jingle seashells.

seashell Dress

Gown, made from pearly painted resin casts of many different shells, paper sculpture frill at bottom of dress imitates crenellated shell form

Pearly gown

This series of bridal gowns was made for Fortunoff department store. Fortunoff commissioned artists to create this beautiful collection to promote their bridal department.

seashell hairdress

They include gowns made of shells, house wares, autumn lists, papers e.t.c.

seashell dress

Isn’t that gorgeous:

seashell white wedding dress


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