Sanibel Shell Show 2015, my four entries in artistic categories.

Category 74
Miniature Peony bouquet, size is 3” x 3” x 3”
In March 6, 2015, this work received Third Place, White Ribbon on prestigious Shell Show in Sanibel in professional artistic miniature flowers category!
Seashell tiny vase made from Thorny oyster shell with many barnacles on it. Peonies flowers were made from combination of natural color, dyed pink and dyed fuschia of ruffle edge gar scales. These type of scales belong to Perch fish. Also in flower arrangement were used tiny lilac seashells and dyed fish bones for flower stems.


Category 81
“Santa coming to town”, holiday decoration picture.
Size is 14” x 16” x 2”.
In March 6, 2015, this work received Second Place, Red Ribbon on prestigious Shell Show in Sanibel in professional artistic seashell decoration category!
Santa Claus is one of the famous character during the winter holiday season.
My art work was made with the natural colored seashells only. The process of making this art work has several steps.
1. Everything begins from the sketch.
2. I do an acrylic painting.
3. I made seashell mosaic on the top of the painting.
I used genuine seashells, sea glass, natural stones and even Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones with high quality Mother of Pearl carved stars in this very detailed art work.

Category 90.
“Tango from the beach“ seashell mosaic. Size is 21” x 11,5”.

In March 6, 2015, this work received Second Place, Red Ribbon on prestigious Shell Show in Sanibel in professional artistic seashell mosaic category!
This seashell mosaic expresses a romantic Tango dance and brings a special feeling of motion…You almost can hear the sound of unforgettable music. The beautiful romantic couple is in the center of attention. Everything melts around their true love especially during night time on the beach.
This work was made as an acrylic painting at first and then, all the paint was covered with a naturally colored seashells.
The mosaic was made from tiny Blue mussel seashells with their own natural unique colors. The gentleman is almost melting in the dark in his suit…I use yellow littorina seashells, fragments from the red and yellow
pecten seashells, green nerita seashells and tiny parts from green sea urchins for the elegant lady’s dress, her shoes and gentelman’s shoes. Red Pecten seashell butterflies are messengers of love…

Category 83
Single Miniature Sailor Valentine “Shalom”, size 6”.

“Shalom” translates from the Jewish language like “bless your home or greeting”.
In my miniature Sailor Valentine I would like to show the most important and sacred jewish symbols which I made from different seashells and their fragments on the blue dyed sand.
In the middle part of the Valentine I put 3 different sizes Star of David or “the Shield of David,” which were made from yellow littorina seashells and sea urchin spines. This symbol may have derived from the use of protective amulets in the 17th century. A blue-colored Star of David is presently displayed on the flag of Israel. In the center of the smallest Star of David is located a tiny menorah which is made from Mother of Pearl fragments and sea urchine spines.
The menorah is a nine-branched candelabra associated with Hanukkah in Judaism. The eight left and right branches mark the eight-day holiday, while the middle candle is often called “the helper,” which is used to light the other branches. Around the biggest Star of David located in a clockwise direction I decided to arrange: Mezuzah is “doorpost” in Hebrew, and refers to a scroll with particular verses of the Torah which is placed in a container and attached to a doorpost on the right of the entrance in a home.
Chai is a letter and the Hebrew word meaning”life”. I made this symbol with blue sand on the green cat eye operculum surface.
Hamsa hand or Hand of Fatima is used for protection against the evil eye and also to protect the house and household from disasters primarily fire. The Hamsa icon not only has a special place in Judaism, it has also evolved to become regarded as sacred and respected symbol in Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shamanism, Jain beliefs and in Anatolia.

I made this symbol from Atlantic kitten pow sea shell and also using many different shell fragments.
The Torah Scroll. The word “torah” literally means “instruction,” though the term is also used as a label for the first five books of the Hebrew Bible – Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. I made Torah from seashell fragments and tiny shells.
Dreidels are also associated with Hanukkah in Judaism. A dreidel is a spinning top with four sides, and each side is marked by different letters. In some cultures, such spinning tops have been used for gambling (like dice), but in Judaism they have been used as toys (also, like dice).
In this Valentine the dreidel was made from many seashell fragments, gar scale, baby blue mussel shells and red sea urchin spines.
Tree of life was made on the Mother of Pearl fragment with baby Blue mussel seashells. For decoration purposes in this Valentine were used also many tiny lilac sea shells, chiton plates, green Paua Abalone shell fragments.



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