Sanibel 2012

Sanibel and Captiva Islands offer over 17 miles of beach area for best shelling in the world.
A Sanibel Seashell show is the special place in the country where people exhibit interesting, rare and unique shells in scientific exhibits and art created from shells in artistic exhibits to compete for awards. This 75 Anniversary Shell show was great organized by Shell club with a group of enthusiastic people who love shells and shell related organizations. Not all the seashell show but most of them now include artistic exhibits. Sanibel is paradise for artistic expression from wide selection of the shells around.
In this year I decided to participate in 6 different artistic professional exhibits.

Class 71. Single Miniature Sailor’s Valentine “ Splashing 75 Shellabration with the year of the Dragon 2012”, 6” in size.
The work was previously painted with acrylic paints. Each detail were made out and shaped from the shells. Dragon gave a big hug to Sanibel, which looks like a friendly dolphin.
Sanibel made out from the tiny red snail shells from the Philippines and surrounding with waves made out from Baby Abalone shells. For the Dragon’s body were used the tiny clam shells with vintage dyed green and yellow colors and Dentalium Weinkauffi shells with dyed yellow color. Also for the decoration purpose were used Lilac shells dyed peach color, vintage seeds, crushed Japanese Tellin and natural color Baby Clam shells. Tiny clam shells were personally collected by the artist after the storm in the NY beach.
Class 84. “Santa” holiday music clock decoration

Winter holiday decoration Seashell and semiprecious wall and table clock which plays one of Twelve Carols on the each hour. This clock has a special light sensor and never play carols in the dark room at night. The work was previously painted with acrylic paints. Seashell mosaic made out from Jingle white Pearl seashells which were collected in Sanibel, green Nerite Snail shells, Gar fish scales vintage dyed green and blue, crab Eye seeds Rosary Peas and also different kind of semiprecious stones and their fragments. The face of Santa and Teddy Bear were decorated with crushed Japanese Tellin seashells.
This winter holiday decoration remind unforgettable vacation on the shore, great time on the beach with close friend and Christmas.

Class 86. Novelties. Caricature “Life has two faces”
This work received Second Place, Red ribbon award on the show.
Life is simple, its just not easy. ~Author Unknown
In my work I decided to show the simple moral:
“You will eat or you can eaten
If you are goldfish or a kitten…”
The Russian version:
Мир жесток, а воздух вреден
Сам не съешь, так будешь съеден…
Figurine includes the three fish, one made into the inside another one. Two fish the bigger in size were made out from wood, the smaller fish made from Orange Jingle seashells, Mussel shells with natural blue color, oyster shells and moon snail shells. These shells were collected in Sanibel from the last year. Also each wood fish has a special natural cork covering on the bottom with sea urchin spines inside it. Spines in my work mean all the problems in our life.

Class 89. Miscellaneous. “Ganesha” seashell wall clock.

Modern design seashell watch clock “Ganesha”. The melting design for this clock reminds Salvador Dali paintings. This work was made after an exotic and inspirational trip to India, 2010.

Tiny and delicate miniature seashell mosaic. Lord Ganesha is a symbol of wisdom, wealth, success and good luck in Hinduism.
The work was previously painted inside the clock.

In this work were used seashells from old collection for Sailor Valentines: Mother of Pearl crushed seashell chips, apple blossom shells, lilac shells dyed pink vintage, tiny Mussel natural blue shells for the numbers, Lucine Cup shells vintage dyed purple, Dwarf Olive shells, tiny Nassa seashells, Gar fish Natural Ivory scales for Lord Ganesha eyes and one Dentalium Weinkauffi shell for the elephant task.


Class 91 Picture seashell mosaic “ King Neptune greeting for 75 Anniversary”

This work were made in a special antique wall clock shadow box. His age almost the same like age of the show.
The work was previously painted with an acrylic paints. Each element of the mosaic was made from the shells or nautical life.
The King of Neptune and his six horses were painted and carved from the Jingle seashells golden, orange, white and gray colors. For decorative purpose were used: Mussel shells “micro” Natural blue color,GENUINE RARE HAWAIIAN SEA SHELLS OPIHI CELLANA EXARATA
Gar fish scales for eyes.
For ocean waves in the mosaic used tiny green Nerite Snail shells, Dentalium Weinkauffi vintage dyed green shells and also crushed Spirula and Jingle white shells with a tiny Baby clam shells.
In the center of the mosaic the Neptune driving a Sea Chariot, which is Tridacna seashell and Junonia seashell with Allapora Pink corals like a present for the Sanibel Jubilee.
The beautiful sunny island Sanibel made out from the Jingle seashells orange color and looks like the happy dolphin. The dolphin’s eye is the seashell Museum on the island, and on the nose is the Harbour Lighthouse. Complicated dolphin’s eye made out of two parts: Gar fish scale and tiny Mussel ”micro” Natural blue shell.

Class 96. Celebrating “75” Years using 75 shells only.
This work received Third Place, White ribbon award on the show.
“Unforgettable Sanibel moments”, vintage frame with 6 miniature seashell mosaics with an acrylic paintings.
1. Beautiful woman on the Sanibel beach. An acrylic painting miniature painting with using 4 shells on it. Hat was decorated with 2 pieces from one shell. The woman’s body decorated with crushed onyx.
2. Stork an acrylic painting with using 12 Job’s tears natural color shells.
3. Sanibel with the Harbour Lighthouse.
An acrylic miniature painting using 13 tiny green Operculum from Philippines and 1 crushed tiny red snail shell for the Lighthouse.
4. Spoonbill bird The Roseate Spoonbill is one of the most strange but beautiful looking birds you’ll see in Sanibel.
It is an acrylic painting with using 20 Job’s tears vintage dyed pink shells and 10 tiny green Operculum from Philippines for the nest.
5. Dolphin with a white sail.
An acrilyc painting with using 4 shells. On the dolphin’s body there are 6 tiny pieces from 1 Jingle shell. One tiny shell for dolphin’s eye and 2 shells for sail.
6. Raccoon with the most desirable shell award in Sanibel -Junonia seashell.
An acrylic painting with using 11 seashells: 6 shells for raccoon’s eyes, one Mussel shell for the nose, one shell fragment for Junonia seashell, 3 Mussel shells for Raccoon’s tail.
All together I used 75 shells.


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