Red-nosed Reindeer seashell mosaic nautical kits. Do it masterpiece from natural materials with your own hands.

Seashell educational Christmas kits for kids and all seashell lovers.
Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer

Materials include in the project:
8” x 10” wood plate with mosaic’s drawing image on it.
Decorative dyed silver and red colored stones.
Natural green colored sand from Hawaii for the horns
Green neritas sea shells for scarf accents
Pearl fragments for face decoration
Dyed red pebble for nose
2 Blue mussel shells or 4 their halves for the eyes and ears
multicolored scallop shell fragments
Elmer’s Glue-All
Tooth pick for move gluing shells on place
Paper towel or napkins
Varnish or clear polish for nails for wet and bright looking mosaic.
Red, green, brown and black markers



Step by step instruction.

1. Open your kit and prepare working place for the project. Reindeer’s horns are covered with natural green sand from Hawaii.
2. Arrange all your Pearl shell fragments around nose area
without of glue.
3. Before the gluing shells, I glue small pieces with white paper towel or napkins on the wood for the best result before the shells.
4. Put a little amount of glue on the napkin’s surface and spread it on the area around nose. Poor the Pearl fragments over the glue and press with your finger.
5. Put a little amount of glue on the nose area and glue the piece of red colored napkin.
6. The same process repeat with the dyed red pebble. Put a little amount of glue on the one side of red pebble and press it on the nose place.
7. Next step is eyes. Choose 2 small blue mussel halves of one shell and put a little amount of glue on their silver colored or inner sides of shells and put them on the eye areas with a little piece of black colored napkin or without. These shells have a very light weight and can be glued without napkin. You can follow my image instruction or put shells in your own places and positions.
8 Arrange all your amount with scallop shell fragments without of glue. It will be simple with my picture. Glue each of them on the best place. Remember for the best gluing result to put brown colored pieces of napkin before the gluing shell. Press your shell fragments with finger.
9. Do not forget to glue 2 halve from Blue mussel shell for the ear’s places. Put a little amount of glue on the ear’s area and glue each half of shell for each ear. Follow the picture instruction.
10. Mouth area has red napkin covering. You can to put glue over this area and press decorative red stones over it.
11. Arrange all your green neritas shells and silver decorative stones in the last empty area without glue. You can take a look on the image or arrange shells in your own way. For the best result glue all shells over the green colored napkins and stones over white or silver napkins previously glued.
Let the mosaic dry during 2 hours or overnight.
Cover your mosaic with Varnish or clear polish for nails for fresh and wet looking.


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