Pollution kills Plum Beach in New York

I am living in Brooklyn, New York. Like the most of my neighbors, I like to find my own nature escape place close to the home. The Plum Beach just off the Belt parkway became my favorite location. In May 10, 2011, I wrote about the biggest problem for the beach, it was enormous amount of pollution along the shore and even in the water. Nothing changed since then.
Plum Beach is a part of Gateway National Recreation Area from 1972. Many warning signs which locate close to the beach entrance with words that everyone has to clean up after yourself do not prevent a new and huge amount of glass bottles, plastic trash, cups and paper bags with garbage of every kind all along the beautiful shore line.
The Plum Beach is the unique isolation area for shelling (Atlantic Surf clams, Mussel shells, huge oysters, razor clam shells, moon snails and even whelks, jingle shells); bird watching paradise (wild gees, storks, seagulls); wild life presentation (horseshoe crabs, many fish – electric rays and small sharks) and kite surfing point. Everyone can enjoy the beautiful view on the bridge, marooned and small boats, unforgettable sunset but with a terrible pollution together. It is a very sad situation and nobody is taking care about.
I believe that the most important step is to stop this act of vandalism and strange experience to relax and leave trash behind! I wish to save my small paradise not for myself only. I wish to enjoy the sounds of the ocean and walking with bare feet along the shore and not afraid to cut my feet with broken glass. What can our kids see after us? I dream about beautiful sunset on Plum Beach without any distortions, without tourist’s trash, without frustrations… Why nobody can save local paradise?


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