Philadelphia Shell Show 2011 – great nautical festival in the Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Shell Show was happened Saturday, October 1 and Sunday, October 2 from 10AM to 5 P.M at the Academy of Natural Sciences.
It was the largest show of its kind in the Northeast. The Philadelphia Shell Show gathered crowds of hobbyists, seashell and land shell collectors, seashell artists and dealers, as well as families with kids.
It was the great Shell Festival, with events for everyone. I decided to divide all my memories in 3 parts and illustrate them with pictures.

The first part is my personal achievements. I took my 3 first places, blue ribbon awards in
Artistic Division-Professional categories:
1) Shell Jewelry Holder “Lady Gaga”
2) Seasonal Ornaments “ Santa and Snowman”
3) Miscellaneous “Seashell Wall Clock- Ganesha”
I took one second place, red ribbon award in professional category:
Shell Novelties- figurine “Tweak your Cheak”
Also I received 3 third places, yellow ribbon awards in professional categories:
1) Contemporary Single Sailor’s Valentine 12” or under- “Ganesha”
2) Shell mirror – Shell Heart Mirror decorated with shells
3) Seasonal Decor – plate “Be my Valentine”
One of my work, miniature seashell flower arrangement – “Forever 16” received green ribbon , recognition award.
The second part of my memories is all artistic division’s entries. I have always been inspired by art works of the past made out from shells and also new works created by my friends. The Seashell Show is a very bright and the same way is a very short, fast ending event. For this reason the pictures remind me the most exited moments from the show.

The third part of my memories is the Scientific division’s entries. Many unforgettable shell collections were demonstrated at the show. All collectors introduced a very high quality displays with unique and exotic shells from all around the world. The shell presentation brought knowledge about sea life and provide a very important educational value. I am really sorry that this Shell show can be once per year only.




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