Nautical seashell mosaic for the melting Salvador Dali design wall clock

Alla Baksanskaya and her collection of nature-inspired home accessories are full of life and beauty. Her nautical themed designs are sophisticated yet playful, whimsical as she brings bold new colors to nature’s own timeless attractiveness.

The artist live in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY where she unearths much of her inspiration. In the last her Salvador Dali admired unusual clock collection she demonstrate again her modern fantasy about well known wall clocks.
The first experience with a Salvador Dali shaped clocks was made in 2011. During the 74 th Sanibel Seashell Show and Philadelphia Shell Show, artist demonstrated her “Ganesha” wall melting clock. This clock won the blue Ribbon Awards and First Places In both events. The idea and inspiration for the creation this artwork came to the artist after an exotic and romantic family vacation in India. For the unique mosaic were used an exotic tiny mussel shells, baby clam shells, lilac shells, gar scales and also Mother of Pearl fragments.
Seashell clocks

After the first success, were made two more clocks with the same melting shape. The biggest problem to make a tiny mosaic inside the clock is a very limited space under the clock’s hands. The beautiful curly and high dome’s design, which covered the clock, plus texture of shell mosaic makes the design eye catching. The natural shell colors brings a special nautical influence and nostalgic memories about vacation on the beach shore…
The second clock was named “Pearl fantasy” had a geometric modern pattern, which made from green nerites tiny shells, yellow litterina shells, blue mussel baby shells and Mother of Pearl fragments. This clock was sold and was sent to the far away Ireland and became admired with a happy owner.
Seashell clock melting
The third clock named “Blooming” was designed in the spring time. It has a contemporary style which includes a combination the tiny flowers with geometric pattern together. In this work were used many and tiny an exotic apple blossom shells, red shells from Philippines, green nerite, blue mussel shells and Mother of Pearl fragments. This work was sold and took fly to the Israel.
Seashell clock Saldor Dali Melting
In the fourth melting clock- fantasy named “Life is dance”, you can see a beautiful dancing woman. The artist believes that all our life is a dance. The most talented people can demonstrate an amazing dance…
In this clock were used many an exotic and natural colored shells from the Philippine Islands, Mother of Pearl fragments, yellow littorina shells. Even Rome numbers in the wall clock were covered with a tiny mosaic from the blue mussel baby shells. This clock is still available at my store.

Seashell wall clock

The artist doesn’t like to repeat her designs and looked for the new and attractive ways to change any home decor. Any customers receives a unique and original artwork. For this reason, every mosaic is a conversational piece, which brings a positive mood and wish to look in a very attentive way.



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