Nautical seashell art is innovative, original and modern looking in our days!

Beach theme colors often can make or break any space. If you really prefer to have a nautical theme, then think of red, white and blues. Your choice can go with bright, vibrant colors, or pastel colors and also some combination of the tropical it’s all depend on personal preference.

The most important idea is to bring the peaceful feeling of your beach vacations into your every day life and recharge yourself with positive emotions from natural materials. It is great way to create your own paradise or to make sure you get a taste of stress free shore environment atmosphere. Coastal décor features include beach motifs and ocean elements: sailboats, sea stars, corals, lighthouse, seashells, sea gulls and fish. You can to choose coastal unique original art and beach home accents that belong only to your house and bring care free mood.

It’s a brilliant idea to change interior design and turn every room in your home into different nautical island or ocean paradise with tropical vases, shell flowers, coastal statues and original shell mosaics.

Four years ago I had a special order to make a huge seashell modern mosaic “ Woman’s nature”, 25.5” x 36” in size.seashell_woman.jpg

It was the focal point for living room which was made from natural shells with contrasting colors.

Several weeks ago I recieved the new order with an idea to repeat the same mosaic but with another color combination. The customer would like to use gold painting with natural shell together.

In my new work I combined yellow littoraina shells with gold painted mussel shells and added gold colored wood frame. The size for my new mixed media an acrylic painting and seashell mosaic is 25” x 37”.

The combination of gold colors and natural seashells beautifully compliment each other.


Gold and yellow colors are the darlings of a good feng shui home. Gold is very popular in feng shui because of its association with money and wealth, and yellow colour is the absolute colour of happiness and warmth.

Cheerful and welcoming, both yellow and gold bring quite similar feng shui energy to a home. Both colours are ultimately the expression of the vital energy of the sun; the powerful energy that brings light and life to all beings.

Splashes of gold or yellow are much welcomed in a good feng shui bedroom also. Both colours are the expression of the Fire feng shui element that is often missing in many bedrooms. The right use of these colours will bring a vibrant, warm, but also gentle energy much needed in this intimate and very important space.

Hope all these knowledges will help to decorate your own home in a better way.


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