My Seashell Sailor Valentines Mosaics for Philadelphia Shell Show 2013

I have participated in following 8 artistic professional categories:
Class 81. Traditional Single Sailor Valentine,
“ To My Sweet Heart With Love Always”. This work received “Honorable mention” Award.
Size : 12 ¾” x 3 ½ “ 12 ¾”
This Valentine was made inside an original antique octagonal box with shells and crab eye seeds, which were used and described in old traditional Valentines. Shell mosaic includes geometric patterns, shell flowers and sentimental message.

Class 85. Single Miniature Sailor’s Valentine “ Love song ”,
size : 5 ¾” x 1 ½ “ x 5 ¾”.
This Valentine made from tiny seashells with natural colors, sea urchins, their spines and fragments.
Class 93. Contemporary Double Sailor Valentine “Loving Heart is always in Bloom…”, 8 ¼ per side. This work received “Honorable mention” Award.
All the design and miniature masks for this Sailor Valentine was personally painted and made by the artist. Sailor valentine is covered with convex, dome shaped glass.
In the left side of the Sailor Valentine is a loving heart which divides into two parts with happy and sad masks.
“Love is never can be without sadness, but it is more beautiful than sadness without love…”
On the right side of the Sailor Valentine is blooming heart which surrounds with 8 different masks or main people feelings: happy face, frightened face, curious face, jealous face, angry face, apathetic face, suspicious face and sad face.
Life is life… Happiness for loving heart never has to depends on the people around it, external events, or the weather…Surround yourself with happy, positive people who share your values…
In this work were used: dyed red, blue, black, green and yellow Mother of Pearl shell beads and gar scales; green nerites, baby blue mussel shells, small dentallium aprinum white shells, ring top cowrie shell beads, sea urchin spines, Job’s tear shells for flower’s petals, sea sponge and yellow littorina shells.

Class 117. Miscellaneous. Variations on a Theme, “ The unity of opposites or black and pearly white”, 28” x 28”.
In this work the artist used just one type of the same species seashells – Blue Mussel shells to express artistic idea. In this case were used variations on a size, pattern, color, shape, texture and combination with both sides for Blue Mussel shell only!
Life is a full with contrasts and has moving condition like the ocean waves…Also life comes in stripes, so positive- white and negative-black events happen. In the center of the art work is two profiles (he with cigar and she). Happiness is so fragile and couple has opposite opinions and arguing with each other every time. When there is a relationship, they should find out!



  1. I love your work! I wish I had the patience! -Rebecca

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