My Personal “Modern Seashell Art” Exhibition 2014 – opening reception.

My personal and Jubilee “Modern seashell art exhibition” was opened at In the Brooklyn Public Library, at the Kings Bay Gallery, NY on the Nordstrand Avenue 3650 couple weeks ago . It was held from May 3 to May 31 with opening reception on Saturday, May, 17 from 2:00to 4:00 pm.

I was so excited with this the very important event in my artistic life. I never had the personal exhibition in public place before…I had an experience to participate in a group exhibitions with another classic painters only. I worried especially because seashell art is my passion, but it is a very unusual and rare applied art in our days.

I tried to do my best with all my preparations for Opening Reception Day! I bought the special slide show about my art and myself, many of my new and a very different mixed media mosaics, figurines with shells, Sailor Valentines, miniatures, flowers and wall melting working clocks with seashells inside.

I tell to audience about my life and my way in the seashell art, about my participation in the seashell shows in Sanibel, Florida; Philadelphia; New Jersey. I explained the reason why I choose so unusual materials for my artistic expression…The auditorium kept silence…When I just finish my speech I understood that all visitors were keen on learning a new kind of art for them. Their reaction was unpredictable for me…Even the oldest Jewish Art and Craft Guild members and painters: Isaack Vaynshelboym, Igor Bezchastnov, Lyudmila Leybovich demonstrated a great interest to my seashell art. They talked a very kind words about many of my works and left a very important comments.

I received Certificate of Merit in recognition of Outstanding Community Service and achievement in the Arts and Crafts from President of the Guild Ilya Nathanson and secretary Nina Tsypina.

I was happy to meet my friend and amazing painter Iness Kaplun with her family. I was proud to tell that my youngest guest and her son just turned 7 months.

I received many flowers, very special gifts, which were made by my friends and artist friends: Inna Budovskaya, Lyudmila Leybovich, Isaack Vaynshelboym, Iness Kaplun, Nina Tsipina and Matvey Solovev, Leonid Grinberg, Igor Bezchastnov, Olga Farber and Evgeniy Veprinskiy, Bella Dubovoy, Evgeniya Rozentsvit, Svetlana Dizhur, Simon Shoykhet, Leonid Alaverdov, Zinaida Kelebeyeva, Arnold Khalfin, Regina Averbukh, Leonid Palma and Ilya Nathanson.

But the most important and priceless gift for me was an attention to my art and positive emotions which I received during the all period of the exhibition’s time. I talk with the public manager Sharon, which tell me about a huge amount interest and many positive comments which received library during the exhibition time. I had a really great time and the most unusual celebration in all my life.


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