My participations in Sanibel Shell Show 2014

Every shell show is a great and one time a year unforgettable and anticipated event and all the participants spend a lot of their personal time, creativity, soul and money to prepare their exhibits in the best way.
I could’t come to Sanibel personally this year and was very thankful to Mary Burton, Artistic Division Chairperson, for her invaluable assistance with the presentation of my art works on the show which I sent to her. She is the a helpful, talented, enthusiastic shell person and a great friend for all artists.
Category 83
“Scarlet Sails or Red Sails”, miniature Sailor Valentine, 6”
This Sailor Valentine was inspired by a famous Russian adventure at sea and romantic novel written by Alexander Grin. This story is about poor girl named Asole, who lived on the island and had wished a captain with Red Sails would love her and take her away to a better life. Captain Arthur Grey falls in love with Asole without ever having exchanged a word with her. The title of this novel translated into English is “Crimson Sails.”
This Sailor Valentine is made in an antique box with two vintage dolls. All the shells and sea fans have their natural colors. Red Sails were made using red Pecten seashells, the steering wheel is covered with sea urchin spines and rice shells. The suit for the captain and dress for Asole were made and covered with baby Blue mussel shells and decorated with tiny lilac shells, rice shells, baby clam shells and purple shells cut Cypraea annulus. Also in this Valentine are Blue/green Aqua Limpet shells.

Class 86. Contemporary Double Sailor Valentine “Loving Heart is always in Bloom…”, 8 ¼ per side.

All the design and miniature masks for this Sailor Valentine were personally made by the artist. This Sailor Valentine is covered with convex, dome shaped glass.
On the left side of the Sailor Valentine is a loving heart which divides into two parts with happy and sad masks.
“Love is never without sadness, but it is more beautiful than sadness without love…”
On the right side of the Sailor Valentine is a blooming heart which is surrounded by 8 different masks or main feelings: happy face, frightened face, curious face, jealous face, angry face, apathetic face, suspicious face and sad face.
Life is life… Happiness for a loving heart never has to depend on the people around it, external events, or the weather…Surround yourself with happy, positive people who share your values…
In this work there are: dyed red, blue, black, green and yellow Mother of Pearl shell beads and gar scales; green nerites, baby blue mussel shells, small dentallium aprinum white shells, ring top cowrie shell beads, sea urchin spines, Job’s tear shells for flower’s petals, sea sponge and yellow littorina shells.


Category 89
“Blooming heart or Orchids from Sanibel”, flower shell mosaic, 16” x 5” x 17”.
Inspiration for this mosaic came from an amazing variety of beautiful naturally colored seashell which I collected in Sanibel 2 years ago.
In this exotic mosaic you can find natural green Olivine sand from Parakolea beach in Hawaii, different types of the sea urchin spines, fragments of the Canarium shells and Strawberry lips, dentallium aprinum small white and large green shells, wentel trap seashells, sea fans and also many Mother of Pearl fragments.
All the orchid flowers in the mosaic were made from the natural colored lips and other fragments of the fighting Sanibel conch shells and Atlantic kitten paw seashells which were personally collected by the artist.





Category 90
“For those who are at sea”, seashell mosaic,
15” x 2” x 8.5”
This mosaic is dedicated to the people who gave their lives or spent many years at sea. For this reason the mosaics were made in the vintage shadow box and bring nostalgic feelings.
The miniature sail’s man mosaic was made on the brown lip Mother of Pearl plate and decorated with baby blue mussel and dentallium aprinum small white shells.
All the miniature sailing ship mosaics were made by the artist on the sand dollars and baby tridacna clam shell.
In this mosaic you can find exotic natural green Olivine sand from Parakolea beach in Hawaii, sea urchin spines, sea fans, sea horses, corals, Mother of Pearl fragments. Also for decoration purposes there are tiny lilac, coquina clam seashells, blue/green Aqua Limpet and wentel trap seashells.




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