Millions of Mollusks deposited every night on Pakistani beaches

After six weeks since Cyclone Phet hit the city of Karachi in Pakistan, several thousands of mollusks nightly have washed ashore onto the popular tourist’s beach. The dying shellfish that started accumulating ashore on the beaches are mostly a mixture of white and yellow, dead or alive bivalves. Colorful seashells are providing an attractive and wonderful view, but at the same time causing difficulties for the people, whose feet get injured due to the broken shells and bad smell.


Some experts warn about a toxic chemical was being dumped into the sea by a ship or oil tanker, causing these shells to get detached from rocks. International Union for Consrvation of Nature coastal expert Tahir Qureshi said the appearance of seashells at such a massive scale along Seaview, Clifton, Sandspit and other beaches was a disaster. “The government authorities or environment departments must conduct a detailed survey to ascertain the actual reason, but I personally believe it is happening because of toxic waste being dumped in the sea, due to which these shells died, dislocated from their habitat and washed up on the coast”, he said. Qureshi also said that if they died of any chemical than it could cause diseases appeared in the coastal settlements.

However renowned expert and former director – general Institute of Oceanography and visiting faculty member of the University of Karachi Dr. Shahid Amjad has another opinion and said the appearance of such a phenomenon was normal and an indication of monsoon. “ Before the monsoon, especially during a full moon, high energy waves emerge because of the south western pattern of wind, resulting in the dislocation of these shells,” he said. Just last year in March 2009 “Dolphins Beaching” happened here on Pakistani Karachi Beaches.
The third hypothesis is that all these events are sighs of Great fluctuations in Earth’s Magnetic Field. This magnetic field fluctuation is happening due to the loss of Lubricant of Oil and Gas inside Earth’s Crust. Oil and Gas acts as Lubricant for Earth’s Crust Movement. Earth’s Layers have lost this lubricant and as a result appeared much bigger devastating Earthquakes. The best way to develop our life has to be electric cars, Maglev Electric Turbines and Maglev Train, if we want to save future generations.


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