Exotic Seashell Art by Russian Artist from cold Moscow

“From Russia with love” – I know its a cliché but I can’t resist. An amazing art speaks for itself. I discovered for myself this unbelievable seashell artwork and it’s creator. Her name is Marina Alexandrova. I learned that she is member of prestigious Russian Artist Union, author of the book “Seashells and Coastal Decor” and live in Moscow.

Marina’s artworks are very colorful and detailed. My favorites are flamingos and several of her abstract works. Very modern and beautiful.
Her artwork could be a centerpiece in decorating any beach house or cottage or even a Manhattan condo. I think all seashell lovers will be intrigued by her work.

I asked Marina several questions about her art:

      When did you start working with seashells?
      Marina: I started working with seashells approximately 10 years ago.
      Why did you choose seashells as a media in your art?
      Marina: I am a professional artist and every time after my vacations on a shore I was inspired by abundance of colors, shapes and textures of the seashells.
      How long it takes to create one artwork?
      Marina: Usually a lot. The work is very delicate and time consuming but I love what I am doing.

      Are you working only on one work at any given time or you work with several simultaneously?

      Marina: I usually working on several artworks at the same time. If I got an idea, I want to try it in instant. So I always end up with several projects in progress.
      What kind of seashells are you using in your work?
      Marina: Most of all I like to work with small, craft seashells. I never paint them. Only natural color. I purchase them from dealers in Moscow. Sometimes I paint part of artwork.

      Is there any interest for seashell art and your art in particular in Moscow and Russia?

      Marina: I started selling my artwork 10 years ago and there is a big interest for seashell art in Moscow. My price range are from 10$ to several thousands of dollars. Of course, it is much easier to sell artwork on lower end of the price range. I also have several students who is interested in learning from my work and techniques.
      What kind of other work do you like to make except mosaics?
      Marina: My favorite are mosaics but I also like to work with furniture, create collages, mirrors, lamps, statues.

      In which galleries and art show you exhibit your art?

      Marina: I exhibit in Art Salon in Moscow, Furniture trade shows, and other different places.

Check out this book

Seashell Art - How to Do - in Russian

By the way, I had good experience with this russian bookstore, ozon.ru – almost amazon experience. Shipping to US quite expensive, but otherwise superb service.

Enjoy Marina’s Gallery:



  1. Hi! My friend sent me your mermaid from pintrest. Our work is similar! My heart stopped when I saw her. I have completed my last 2 large pieces. Mermaids! I’d love to share. I have recently moved to Florida from Lake Michigan. I brought 28 crates of rocks and 20 plus boxes of rocks. I am ready for the next piece. Collected shell fragments. Contact me if you are interested. I’d love to chat ;). Nancy

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