Making of Snowman from Seashells and Sea Star

Sea Star Snowman

A sea star snowman could either hang on a Christmas Tree, be a decoration, or favor for a Christmas party table.
seashell snowman

  • Large size sea star
  • two white color round shells, one larger than the other
  • three round dark shells for buttons
  • small pointed dark shells for eyes, nose mouth
  • two small round white shells for hands
  • Elmer’s multi-purpose glue
  • paper towels
  • Method

        Use the large sea star for the snowman’s body. Choose two white round seashells, one larger than the other.
        Glue the larger one in place for the body so that it reaches from the base of the top point to almost the end if the bottom ones. Glue the smaller shell to the top point for the head. Make buttons with small round dark shells (the ones here are tiny zebras or red Strawberry shells).

        Use small pointed dark shells to make eyes, nose, and a mouth. (The ones here are mussel shells). Use small round white shells for “snowball” hands. This completes your snowman.
        You can also add hat and scarf.

    seashell snowman
    seashell and seastar snowman



  1. Those are cool little projects. I will try to do the same with my children.

  2. That’s an inltielgent answer to a difficult question xxx

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