Magnifying Glass Paperweight with unique seashell mosaic inside!

Return to childhood with these magnifying glass paperweight which has bubble shaped. It looks likes a crystal dome with underwater magic seashell world. Made with clear glass, unique paperweight has eye catching powered by a special micro mosaic with an exotic natural colored tiny apple blossom shells. It is a sweet, environmentally-friendly decoration for your desk.
The work has name “Blooming”, because represent a beautiful open flower with a tiny butterfly which has Abalone wings.

Paperweight is a useful and functional addition for your desktop and elegant gift for any seashell lover. The size is around 4” in diameter. It has an attractive gift box 4.2” x 4.2”.

This colorful and intricate paper weight was handcrafted with love by me, Alla Baksanskaya. The shells included under glass are white colored wenteltrap shells, green emerald nerites, blue mussel shells. I name it “Beach” because to me this shell paperweight looks like a small version of the beach under crystal dome with turquoise water and tiny shells. The glass paperweight with magnifying glass measures 4″ in diameter and is under 1/8″ thick glass. The more intricate the design, the longer that it takes to create. The mosaic has three dimentional looking or depth because includes the several layers. These are not made with a hot glue gun. Some shells also cost lots more than others.



  1. Col. Frank B. Gregory, Ret, USA

    How can I purchase a “beach” paperweight for my daughter?

    Pls send me an email.

    Thanks. fbg


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