How to select the right accessories and decoration for your costal beach house

When you live in your beach home full time, visit a couple of times a year, or stay there during a season close to the beach, or may be like beach themes, decorating your home with beach home décor motifs is easy, and beautiful method to decorate. Beach theme colors often can make or break any space. If you really prefer to have a nautical theme, then think of red, white and blues. Your choice can go with bright, vibrant colors, or pastel colors and also some combination of the tropical it’s all depend on personal preference.


The most important idea is to bring the peaceful feeling of your beach vacations into your every day life and recharge yourself with positive emotions. It is great way to create your own paradise or to make sure gets a taste of stress free beach environment atmosphere. Coastal décor features include beach motifs and ocean elements: sailboats, sea stars, corals, lighthouse, seashells, sea gulls and fish. You can to choose coastal art and beach home accents that belong only to your beach house and bring carefree mood.
It’s a brilliant idea to change interior design and turn floor into a sandy beach or ocean paradise with tropical coastal rugs.

Every room in your home can be decorated with beach home décor. Before you start to work organizing your bedroom you have to remember that this place should be your escape from the pressure of the every day problems. So the most important is to bring calm and comfort feeling into your furniture with special ocean theme elements, good seashell romantic lighting, unique natural seashell mosaics and coral mirror on the wall. All of these decorations are open, airy and relaxed precisely as your time at the shore. A seaside vacation usually too short in time, that’s why it is important to bring at home something about the sun, the sand, a magic hypnotic influence of the ocean. Individually beach theme items in your bedroom are a great way to bring pleasure feeling in every single night.

The bathroom is also can be decorated with a beautiful beach décor. You have to pay attention to the small details that can add a special taste of the beach: from cabinets to towel hooks. It is a great idea to put an oval shaped seashell mirror on the wall and a candle lamp with a pina -colada aromatic candle to keep the bathing room smelling fresh and reminding you of beach vacations. Also, consider a bath set for the guest room. Any additional touch can make it looks beautiful and is certain to make your guests happy. After day at the beach you need a place to rest and relax your tired muscles, wash away the ocean sand and salt and also have a moment of quiet.

Seashell and marine decor

Creating a relaxing atmosphere that is reflective of your tastes and personality could be challenging, but it will good prize after you finish your renovation. When you put in your living room a big pieces of furniture, do not forget the details. Tables with ocean ornaments, seashell vases, coral decoration accessories, statues, figurines with marine theme, wall pictures, seashell mosaics, and other small details make all the difference when it comes to décor. In the living room or family room, put a glass topped table with a huge coral as a base in the corner. Also you can place a table with a shell vase or with seashell figurine on the top. When you choose every item carefully, the small charms could bring delight for many years.

For the kitchen decoration could be use a seashell fantasy clock, so you would always know what time is it. Put a glass model of sailboat near a window and observe the sun shine through it as you cook. Then, when you are done cooking, you could put your food on ocean life tray and put out seashell shaped salt and pepper shakers. Your beach home décor could be shown around your kitchen.
You get beach themed welcome signs that you could place out side your home. There are many beach décor items for your garden and outside area, such as shells, statue, and you could even hang a wind chime in your yard to remind you of tropical waters.

How did you decorate your beach house? Please share your story.



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