How to make Seashell Wind Chime – Hear the Sound of Nature

Autumn arrives and for many signaled end of summer vacations. No more of warm beach days and return of school, work, cold weather. One way you could keep a little more of the summer is to create something that remind you of a warm days. Seashells are a popular decorative motif, and artwork that utilizes shells is some of the favorite and most original around. Shells have a timeless quality and artwork created from shells brings with it memories of sweet days spent with toes in the sand. Sea shells art isn’t difficult to create. You probably collected some shells, drift wood and stones maybe sea glass on the beach. If you didn’t – don’t worry, probably nearby craft store have seashells. I saw them even in some 99 cent stores. As for two pieces of wood – short walk to nearest park and you find something you can use. Just a couple of afternoon spent with some seashells and the necessary amount items is all you need to create one- of- a – kind art for your home.
You will also need:

  • Dremel drill with bits to make small holes in the shells
  • Thin waxed thread (sold in shops for jewelry in various colors)
  • Small beads of various colors (beads store or just on eBay)
  • Knife or scissors
  • Scotch tape
  • Transparent varnish for clams (optional)available at art supplies store

Before you start the construction of the charm decide the order you want to have your shells and how many your need. We have created a charm with two horizontal timbers approximately the same size tied together and hung with shells.
making seashell charm step1

Begins construction thoroughly washing your shells to remove the salt and dry if you applied a layer of clear varnish to shine.

charm - step2

Attach a small piece of scotch tape on both side of the shell at the point where you planning to make the hole to avoid breakage.


Then you drill holes carefully in a shell and remove scotch tape.

making charm step4

After you have finished with your shells start cutting off a sizable piece of waxed thread and make 2-3 knots in the end. The length of the piece depends on how much you want it to be long. After the knot make sure you put a bead, a shell and another bead.


Leave a little space from the previous shell and make another knot a little further in the thread. Please continue by passing a bead, a shell and another bead. Follow the same procedure until you put all the pieces on the thread and knot it to the wood.

making charm seashell step 6

Tie thread to the wood. It is best to start to tie the first thread in the middle of the bottom timber to balance more easily. You make 2-3 turns of thread around the wood and make tight knots.


Tie lower piece of wood to the thread. Continues to tie threads on right and left, at equal distances from each other.

chhimney seashell step 8

Once you hang all the threads test by keeping the wood in the air to see if all evenly balanced and make any needed changes. Finally, using pieces of thread build a triangle with a knot and loop for you chime to hang !



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