How to make seashell dog pet with oyster shells

Sea Shell pet friend has special bonus when you compare it with a real pet. It never spend your time to go outside, you do not need to feed it, you do not need to take care about it. Your shell pet friend can bring positive energy but don’t forget just to wipe dust from it sometimes…

In this nautical project can be use 11 regular oyster shells from the beach.
Do not forget to clean all your shells before the project.
Any of the oyster shell has it own unique and natural shape and design. Be creative during and after beach combing with all your shell collection.

Materials for the project:

1. Picture frame 8” x 10” without glass, cork cardboard, wood plate or canvas. You can use one of your choice.
2. Seashells and their fragments. Selection can be different. In my project I used 10 Oyster seashells and fragment of the scallop shell for the dog’s nose.
3. I didn’t use any template for this project. All shells have their unique natural shapes and colors.
4. Elmer’s Glue -All.
5. Step by step instruction to finish your mosaic.


Step 1. Arrange all your selected and clean shells without glue. You can follow my picture or arrange all shells in any desirable pattern. If you satisfied with the result you can go to the next step.

Step 2. Take your shells and glue them on your base with my step by step picture’s instruction. ( picture frame, cork board, wood plate or canvas).

Step 3. Put a little amount of glue on the back surface of each oyster shell and press each of them on the previously chosen place. Wipe out any extra amount of extra glue with a napkin.

Step 4. Let the project dry for 2 hours or overnight for best result. Then you can cover your mosaic with colorless polish for nails or Satin Varnish for bright and wet looking surface.

You can try to make another shell pet with your own shells using your own fantasy.
Because each shells and their fragments are different and unique in their shapes and colors, each mosaic with your shell pet will be unique looking as well.












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