How to make seashell candle in 5 simple steps

The sea offers us many treasures. Seashells are the most beautiful from them. If you like to spend your weekends on the shore, like to walk with bear foot along the beach, collect to some amount seashells without any idea how to use them, this recommendation for you.
It is a simple idea what you can do with a regular, not exotic seashells to bring many hours romantic atmosphere into your home. Seashell candles are the best and simple way how you can use your beach treasure.
Deep shells like clams, scallops and quahogs and if you have any other shells from your previously vacations work very good as candle holder and burn long period of a time.

  1. Seashells ( any deep shells);
  2. Bleach;
  3. paraffin wax or candle;
  4. wicks;
  5. double boiler;
  6. water

Just follow 5 simple step:
1) Clean the shells in solution of bleach with water and dry them after.
2) Melt paraffin wax or candles in a boiler. You can mix the melted wax with any color of the candles to create desirable tones that match to your shells color or contrast them.
3) Cut the wicks to 2 to 3 inches and attach it to a metal wick holder.
4) Pour the melted wax into the shell.
5) Place the wick and holder in the bottom of the shell, try to be careful not to burn fingers! Let cool about 30 minutes.
If you don’t like to work with a hot melted wax and like to do this project with young kids, my suggestion to buy any attractive candle in the local pharmacy. After that try to find from your shells the most appropriate size for your candle. Don’t forget to put the wick on the shell bottom and then to to add candle inside the shell.
Making of Seashell Candles presented by Martha Stuart:



  1. Dear Alla,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my seashell frame.
    I enjoy making a few things from shells, but I am amazed at your vision and talent.
    Your shell art is beautiful.

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