How to make greeting card for Christmas from seashells

Shell craft, the art of using seashells to decorate and make many attractive things. There is no limit to the things you can make: decorative and useful things for a house, accessories to wear, holiday favors and ornaments, gift cards, pictures, and many other things. Study the shells you have before your imagination will go to work. Let the shells guide you. Sometimes a single one will inspire you.

seashell christmas cart

Christmas gift card

  1. Red and green construction paper
  2. any small size seashells or sea stars
  3. scissors
  4. Elmer’s multi- purpose glue
  5. paper towel

Cut a card from red construction paper. After that cut out a wreath shape from green construction paper, and paste it on the red card. Using small shells, make a design on the wreath. You can use your own imagination to make a nice pattern or just follow instructions. Have a cluster at the top, bottom, and each side of the wreath to create centers, and use narrow pointed seashells or small size sea stars to carry out the circular pattern in between.


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