How to make decorative cross with seashells for Christmas

This is a simple DIY project for upcoming Christmas holiday. We will decorate a wood cross with seashells so you can put it on Christmas tree or elsewhere in house.
The cross will consist of only natural materials – wood, stones and seashells.
How to make Christmas cross in 5 steps.

  • Wood cut out cross 8” long
  • 9 seashells. They can be any type of flat shape seashells, small to medium in size.
  • Decorative sand of any color.
  • Elmer’s glue. All purpose.
  • Paper towel

Materials for cross project
wooden cross

All materials – craft seashells, cross and decorative sand can be purchased at local craft store. They are very inexpensive.

  1. Choose a wood cross and use your imagination to find right places for seashells
  2. Put small amount glue to inside surface on the each of 9 shells.
  3. cross deocrating step 2

  4. Glue shells to the front surface of the cross in exact spot you choose in step 1
  5. decorate cross step 4

  6. The empty areas between shells have to be glue with decorative sand. Put a thin layer of glue between shells and put decorative stone on it.
  7. decorate cross step1
    decorate cross step 5

  8. Clean an extra glue amount with paper towel.
  9. decorative cross result

decorated cross result


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